Generate Electricity from the Sun with Solar Panel Roof

Solar Roof-top System produces Electric Power from Solar Panels on the terrace through the process of Photovoltaics (PV)

make hay while the sun shines

Affordable & Profitable

3D Model Sun Shadow Analysis on Rooftop
Solar Cell Modules on the Terrace

Zero Electricity Bill

Export Solar Energy and Earn Passive Income
Solar Power Electricity is cheaper than the Utility Grid

Choose your Rooftop Solar Plan

Go Green Go Renewable

  • Solar Panels
  • BESCOM Grid
  • Solar Battery
  • Solar Panels
  • BESCOM Grid
  • Solar Battery
  • Solar Panels
  • BESCOM Grid
  • Solar Battery
  • Ground Mounted
  • Fixed Tilt Solar
  • Axial Solar Tracker

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Internet of Things driven state of the art smart building Remote Monitoring System technology

Let’s join hands for the ENVIRONMENT & ECOLOGY

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Rain or Shine, Rise with Plasma Solar EPC Service

Our team of Solar Experts – Designers, Engineers & Architects


Solar PV Design

Photo-voltaic system sizing
Solar module orientation
Rooftop area layout design


Quality & Innovation

Leading Brands & latest technology
Low cost Value for Money
IoT-driven RMS with real-time data



Installation & Commissioning
Solar Plant Synchronization
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AMC for operations & maintenance of the photovoltaic power station

Who can Go Solar?

Roof top solar PV systems, solar power parks, solar plate, solar street lighting, solar water heaters, solar water pumps

Domestic Consumers

  • Gated Villa community
  • Independent Home
  • Farmhouse & Agriculture

Residential Buildings

  • Apartment common area
  • Hostels & PGs
  • Community Halls

Industrial Houses

  • Large Scale factory
  • Small Scale facility
  • MSME Industry
  • Warehouse


  • Office spaces
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Govt. Organisations


  • Schools & Colleges
  • Hospitals
  • NGOs

Public Sector

  • State-owned ESCOM
  • Photovoltaic power station
  • Government Buildings

Private Sector

  • private solar farms
  • captive solar power plant
  • Electricity distribution companies

Everybody who consumes Electricity must buy solar panels for a Sustainable Lifestyle and create a climate for change.


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