Hybrid Type Solar

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Uninterruptible Solar – The Sun never sets!

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This is the most comprehensive solar energy package solution with multiple power back-up system. Before we get into what a hybrid solar solution is all about we need to understand the principle behind an on-grid solar system and an off-grid solar system.

On Off Hybrid Grid Solar PV system
Triple Backup – Solar + Grid + Battery

Hybrid Solar PV System

“Hybrid” refers to the rooftop solar photovoltaic system having a combination of On-Grid and Off-Grid solar solutions, with the best features and characteristics of both the systems.

A Hybrid Solar PV system is a rooftop photovoltaic power station connected to the DISCOM Grid and also behaves like an independent stand-alone unit which works with batteries. The Battery Bank stores energy and functions with a smart hybrid solar inverter.

“Hybrid system” Synonyms:

  • On/Off-Grid Hybrid Solar

Who should opt for the Hybrid Grid Solar System?

Green Sustainable Environment and Earth

Best of Both Worlds

Consumers for whom On-Grid and Off-Grid systems are not suitable for various reasons

high power failure caution

Regular Power Blackouts

Frequent Power Failure & very low-quality Grid supply with low voltage issues or dangerous power surges

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Suitable for all types of consumers in India like Urban or Rural, Residential or Commercial, Apartments or Industrial Factories

solar panel icon

24*7 Reliable Solar

For everyone looking for 24*7 reliable electricity supply with a triple back-up system

additional alternative passive money

Alternative Income

Those who want to earn money by selling extra solar power after taking care of their electricity needs

grow trees climate change

Economy & Ecology

Green Crusaders for carbon sequestration to tackle pollution & mitigate climate change


Twenty Four Hours Electric Power Supply

Truly Uninterrupted Power

Multiple power back-ups (Solar Modules, Battery Bank & Utility-Grid) that provide a truly uninterruptible power supply experience.

get passive income and earn money

Earn Income

Export Electricity generated back to the grid through a
Bi-directional meter & earn additional passive income.
Fossil fuel-dependent Diesel Generators are avoided.

IoT Smart Home Solar Device
RMS Technology to track Solar Power Station
Save on taxes paid to the Govt.

Tax Benefits

Reap accelerated depreciation Tax Incentives for the Solar Renewable assets held (MACRS depreciation).

save cash with solar hybrid solution

Save Money

Reduce High Electricity bills & minimize operational costs.
Protect against future electricity price hikes from local ESCOM or DISCOM (BESCOM).

Balancing Ecology & Economy

Reduce CO2 Emissions, Stop Air-Pollution and
Tackle Climate-Change

The working of a Hybrid system …

Hybrid solar Photovoltaics
Summer Solstice & Winter Solstice Shade Analysis

Case 1: 09:00 AM to 03:00 PM

The generated solar power is consumed by loads & used by the consumer for internal needs. Meanwhile, the batteries are fully charged simultaneously throughout the day and all the excess solar energy generation is exported and sold to the grid. Further, any shortfall in energy requirement is fulfilled by the import of electricity from the grid. All these processes happen seamlessly and automatically with the help of a smart solar hybrid inverter.

The extra solar energy produced is sold to the grid through a legally agreed-upon price with the local DISCOM (Example: BESCOM – Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited). This is called a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) which will be a fixed price per unit for a period of 25 years.

Case 3: Cloudy Weather

During rainy days & the winter season when the Solar Insolation is low and solar electricity generation is reduced, the battery bank satisfies the electricity needs. But for the battery to support for a longer period of time, the Off-Grid system has to be well-designed taking into consideration the climate of the local region & also the electricity consumption pattern of the user. This is where PLASMASOLAR’s experience in the renewable energy sector comes into play. Our well-seasoned & experienced engineers design the perfect system which can provide you uninterrupted power supply throughout the year.

Solar Power Production in India has very high potential in spite of the number of cloudy days. On-site Solar generation is being implemented across India and the captive consumption of solar will provide rich dividends in the longer period, especially to large power consumers.

If the battery is low or not charged enough due to low solar insolation, then they are charged by the power supply from the utility grid. The consumer electrical demands are met by the import of energy from the ESCOM company.

Case 3: Night-Time

During the night when the sunlight is absent, the battery single-handedly powers the energy needs of the consumer. Solar panels are completely in sleeping mode during the night and the power supply is from the battery alone. Again, this has been stressed enough that the off grid system needs to be well-designed by experienced professionals for a seamless and reliable power supply.

The charged solar batteries power up the consumer load and provide electricity throughout the night. If the battery is drained or is under maintenance, then the grid supports with a steady supply of electricity.